Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions:

  • Only waste/recycling contained within the bin(s) will be collected. No waste/recycling around the bin(s) or left on top will be collected.
  • Bin lids must be kept shut, to prevent refuse blowing out from the bins.
  • Any bin that is deemed to be overweight and is, therefore, unsafe to handle or empty, will not be emptied. In such cases, the contractor will not empty the bin and it shall be the responsibility of the Customer to ensure that the weight of the bin is reduced prior to the next scheduled empty.
  • Where any single item of waste is too large, heavy, or dangerous to be placed in the collection vehicle without risk to the equipment, it will be not be collected
  • All recyclable material must be placed loosely in the bin and should not be compacted in any way.
  • Bins must be available from 7.00 am on the day of collection, unless specific arrangements have been made, it is the customer’s responsibility that the bin to be collected is accessible.
  • By making an application to BinFlo to have domestic waste and/or recycling collected, the Customer agrees that on acceptance of the application, a binding contract will be formed and, the Customer understands and agrees that they are then obliged to pay all appropriate charges under the contract.
  • In making an application, the Customer is deemed to have read and accepted in full, these terms and conditions of the service (Terms of Service). Subject to any overriding statutory or legal right which may not be excluded by these Terms of Service, these Terms of Service apply and supersede all other written and verbal agreements, arrangements, and representations made at any time between the parties and any conflicting terms or purchase or order sought to be imposed by the Customer. No other terms, conditions, or warranties expressed or implied shall be of any effect whatsoever

About Our Site: (T&Cs)

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